Our first meeting will be a completely relaxed initial consultation to learn as much as possible about your tastes, your price range and then invite you to try on a range of different styles and shapes before we begin the Couture dress design process

Brian invites you to bring along any images that inspire you to help start the creative process. Together we select the fabrics that you love, then Brian can create exclusive embroideries just for you and then work on a selection of design sketches for you to consider.

After perfecting the sketch of your dream dress we need to take detailed measurements so that we can begin work on the pattern and toile.
50% of the agreed price needs to be paid at this stage.


The next appointment will be the Toile fitting and this will be your first opportunity to fit your chosen design. We will perfect the fit and make any adjustments needed during this time to be absolutely sure that your dream dress is just as you imagine.

Following the toile fitting, the pattern is finalised and the order for the fabrics and embroideries can be confirmed.

We will update you on the process the whole time and are even happy to send you pictures of the dress in work so that you have unforgettable memories of the unique process in creating your dream dress.

Of course we are happy to provide cuttings of the fabrics to assist you with planning other elements of your wedding such as flowers, shoes and event decoration etc.


The first fitting of your dress is an exciting time for us all. As this will be the first actual dress fitting throughout the Couture dress process, please feel free to choose those closest to you to attend this appointment and of course you’re welcome to take photos.

Any further alterations needed will be done and if necessary a further final fitting can be scheduled.

The remaining 50% will then be invoiced.

Your Brian Rennie Couture dress will then be ready
for your special day!